Ken Larsen:  Candidates I endorse for 2019 Chapel Hill Town Council

The 2019 Chapel Hill election will be another contest of CHALT vs the "Urban Growth Machine".  I align myself strongly with CHALT, and you should, too.  If you haven't got time to research the candidates or volunteer for them, I advise that you donate to CHALT.

The 2019 election will likely have a low turnout.  People are too busy tending to their own lives, and the ones who have time are more concerned with national issues.  We also don't have a local newspaper.  A low turnout will favor the urban growth people ... which will result in the approval of more luxury apartments and fewer trees.  Please vote!  Early voting begins on October 16th.  Election Day is November 5th.  [Early voting schedule and sites]

Jessica Anderson

Jessica has been ENDORSED BY CHALT.
Nancy Oates

Nancy has been ENDORSED BY CHALT.
Renuka Soll

Renuka has been ENDORSED BY CHALT.

For Mayor, I voted for Pam Hemminger.

For School Board, I voted for:  Andrew Davidson, Jillian Joy La Serna, Ashton Powell, and Deon Temne.

Candidates that I did not vote for and why

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